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What is Undertale ?

With our blog we want to bring light to art in a way that’s never been done before, social medias offer a whole new definition of art, and we want you to understand the codes of this new generation of art and artists. We will share the secrets of the actual industry and explain how artists can now make a career out of themselves without the help of big labels.

We will talk about music, clothing, painting, video games and cover all the subjects we can to offer you a new vision of the world around you. As you may know a lot of artists died without being famous in the past, because their vision wasn’t shared the right way, they didn’t have ways of sharing like we do now with internet.

The Undertale team hopes you’ll have a good time on the blog ! 🙂

Recent Articles

Art on Youtube

On YouTube, the views on musical, gaming and humorous channels count in the millions, even billions. Faced with these astronomical figures, what place does art occupy on the American video-sharing site? Few museums have a Facebook page and a Twitter account today. Aware of the visibility that social networks can bring them, everyone updates theirLire la suite « Art on Youtube »

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